FBI vs Blatter

The FBI is investigating the role played by Fifa president Sepp Blatter in a $ 100m (£66.2m) bribes scandal, a BBC investigation has discovered. Sports marketing company ISL paid a total of $ 100m to officials including former Fifa president Joao Havelange and ex-Fifa executive Ricardo Teixeira. In return, ISL was granted lucrative television and marketing rights throughout the 1990s. Blatter denied knowing about the bribes and took no action. He even allowed Teixeira to take part in the notorious vote for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Panorama reporter Andrew Jennings has seen a letter obtained by America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation which casts doubt on Blatter’s denial. The letter, apparently written by Havelange, talks about the payments he received from ISL. It says Blatter had “full knowledge of all activities” and was “always apprised” of them. The letter is included in an FBI request to the Swiss authorities for help with their investigation. They ask for the file of an earlier Swiss investigation into the ISL bribes and they say “among other things, the prosecutor is investigating Havelange’s statements implicating Blatter”. In 2010, Blatter suppressed a Swiss legal finding that both Havelange and Teixeria had received bribes from ISL. In 2013, Blatter told a Fifa ethics committee inquiry he was unaware of the bribery. He was cleared of any wrongdoing. Blatter, who says he will stand down as head of football’s world governing body in February 2016, declined to respond to any allegations put to him. Lord Triesman, a former Football Association chairman, was given the figure by sources close to British intelligence. “I was told by two sources that have always been very reliable with good information, good intelligence, that the sum that Qatar had spent on their bid was £117m.” This is six times what England spent on its bid for the 2018 World Cup, and almost 12 times the American expenditure on their 2022 bid. Qatar’s bid chairman did not respond to correspondence from Panorama. Lord Triesman said: “I take the straightforward view that it should be possible when you look at the money that people have spent to know exactly how it was spent and whether it was legitimate or not. “In a way the problem is that, goodness knows, it’s not transparent enough for anyone to know.” Last Thursday, US attorney general Loretta Lynch announced a further 16 Fifa officials and associates have been indicted as part of the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the organisation. Gary Lineker, who supported England’s 2018 World Cup bid, tells Panorama: “It makes me feel nauseous at the levels of corruption in a sport that has been a huge part of my life and is a huge part of many people’s lives right around the world. “Part of me hopes that with everything being so clearly rotten, we can come out and somehow start again and, and correct it. “

F1 in Mexico

Nico Rosberg took his first victory for more than four months as he beat Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the Mexican Grand Prix. The German controlled the race from the start, with the new world champion only a couple of seconds behind but unable to get close enough to challenge. Rosberg’s fourth win of the season moved him back into second in the championship behind Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who crashed out. Williams’ Valtteri Bottas took third. What was a largely soporific race for more than half the distance was enlivened by a potential intra-team controversy at Mercedes, when Hamilton disagreed with a request for him to make a second pit stop. The team had planned to run the race on a single stop, fitting the ‘medium’ tyres for a long final stint after running the first third of the grand prix on the ‘softs’. But with 25 of the 71 laps to go, Mercedes called Rosberg in for a second stop and then a lap later did the same for Hamilton. Ferrari, Australia, 2006 The world champion immediately questioned the decision, only to be told it was for “safety reasons” because the first set of tyres were “down to the canvas”. Hamilton clearly did not believe what he was being told, saying: “The tyres feel fine.” He was told he must come in: “This is an instruction.” But after returning to the track, he said to his engineer Peter Bonnington: “You’ve got to check those tyres, Bono.” And asked to be told what the result of that was. Clearly annoyed, Hamilton started setting fastest sector times and began to close on his team-mate – only for the battle to be interrupted when Vettel crashed, bringing out the safety car. That bunched the field up, but Rosberg maintained his lead at the restart with 22 laps to go and was able to hold Hamilton off to the end. It was Rosberg’s first victory since the Austrian Grand Prix nine races ago and his fourth of the season, compared to Hamilton’s 10, and will be exactly what he needed after the disappointment of seeing Hamilton clinch the title with three races to go in the US a week ago, largely thanks to an error by the German. Ferrari have a shocker There were indications Vettel might have been able to give the Mercedes drivers a challenge had he enjoyed a trouble-free race – but his afternoon was anything but. The Ferrari driver received a puncture when he and Daniel Ricciardo collided at the first corner as the Red Bull driver tried to pass him. Each blamed the other and the stewards declared it a racing incident. Sebastian Vettel switched to mediums on lap one following a puncture in a collision with Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull Sebastian Vettel suffered a puncture in a collision with Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull on lap one Having fought his way up to 12th place, Vettel spun at Turn Seven, the start of the Esses on lap 17, damaging his tyres. He also ran wide at Turn 12 later on the same lap after rejoining the track. After a second stop at about half-distance, he rejoined between the two Mercedes drivers, a lap behind, and was able to stick at their pace but had to be told to let Hamilton by. A few laps later, Vettel ended an uncharacteristically poor race when he again lost control at Turn Seven, this time nosing into the barriers. He admitted over the radio to his team that he had driven poorly and apologised. Team-mate Kimi Raikkonen also had a bad race. Starting 19th after a change of engine following qualifying, he was up to sixth when he collided with Bottas at Turn Five. Bottas went around the outside of Raikkonen at Turn Four and was more than halfway alongside his fellow Finn on the inside as they reached Turn Five, the second part of what is effectively an elongated chicane. Raikkonen turned in anyway, and the two touched, the Ferrari’s right rear wheel riding over the front left of the Williams and breaking the red car’s suspension. Home hero Perez takes eighth Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat finished fourth, but had held third place until the safety car’s introduction. He was passed by Bottas down the straight on the restart, the Williams’ Mercedes power too much for the Renault engine in the Red Bull. Kvyat was left to fend off Ricciardo to the end, with the second Williams of Felipe Massa taking sixth. Local hero Sergio Perez, ecstatically cheered throughout by the sell-out crowd in the twisty stadium section at the end of the lap, came home eighth behind team-mate Nico Hulkenberg, impressively fending off the much-fresher-tyred Toro Rosso of Max Verstappen after the safety car.

Will they cancel the tour ?

Australia were “overly sensitive” to postpone their tour of Bangladesh over security concerns, says Pakistan Cricket Board president Shahryar Khan.

Bangladesh police are investigating the murder of an Italian aid worker who was shot on Monday, with the Islamic State group saying it is responsible.

The two-Test series was due to begin in Chittagong on Friday, 9 October.

“One man gets killed, an Italian, and the tour is off. We’ve had 50,000 people killed in Pakistan,” Khan said.

Khan was referring to figures estimating the number of “fatalities in terrorist violence” in Pakistan since 2003.

In May, Pakistan hosted their first home full international fixture since gunmen attacked a bus carrying the Sri Lanka team on its way to play in Lahore in 2009.

“A certain amount of tension is likely through terrorism, but they have to trust the Bangladeshis, the Indians, the Sri Lankans and Pakistanis. We give them 100% protection,” Khan added.

“Some of the countries, like Australia and New Zealand, are perhaps oversensitive.”

Cricket Australia had initially delayed the team’s scheduled departure on 28 September while it worked on a “revised security plan”.

But it now says that official advice means it had “no alternative but to postpone the tour”.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) said it was “disappointed” by the decision but is “committed to rescheduling the series at a later date”.

On Wednesday, the BCB had promised “VVIP” treatment for the Australian team, saying they would be given the same level of security afforded to visiting heads of state.

England are due to tour Bangladesh to play two Tests and three one-day internationals in October and November 2016.

Messi will not play during next 7-8 weeks.

Barcelona and Argentina national team forward Lionel Messi will miss next <u>7-8 weeks</u> due to injury. Medical examination in Barcelona hospital “Creu Blanca”showed trauma of medial collateral ligament of the left knee. He spent half an hour in the clinic and left from there badly limping. The star was injured in the clash with Pedro Bigas, “Las-Palmas” defender. The incident happened on 10th minute of the game. Barcelona won that game 2-1, 2 goals were scored by Luis Suarez.
Blaugrana head coach Luis Enrique commented Messi’s injury and the game against “Las-Palmas”.
Here is his comment to the official Barcelona site:
“It’s very sad and unpleasant when someone is being injured. Especially if this someone is Lionel Messi. But we are a team and I’m sure that we’ll overcome that. It’s a test and extra motivation for a team. We’ll see who we are and I’m sure we’ll be fine. We are used to overcome obstacles and we improved our indicators that depend on us.
Barca won’t play in a different way without him. There were situations that he could handle by himself, and now we just have to be stronger as a team.
We showed a good performance and had a lot of opportunities to score. There is a little complaint regarding the goal opportunities creation. When an opponent by accident scores the goal, it makes the game difficult, especially during last five minutes.”
Anyhow, not much football fans around the world can stay indifferent about Titan of modern football’s injury. Leo, get well soon!

Top-7 footballers, successful in poker

There’s no doubt that football players are one the most venturous people in the world. Football as the game has a spirit, that is closest to gambling. During both these activities players get into an excitement that makes them act the way that regular spectator won’t even understand. Andnamely this behavior helps to win the game. Probably there is no famous footballer in the whole world, who never tried to gamble.

One of the most popular games among footballers is poker. This game resembles football a lot, cards and chips here are being used like players in football.
Here are Top-7 famous football players who are the most successful in poker.

Gerard Pique

One of the most interesting players During European Poker Tour in Barcelona was Gerard Pique. He is an old poker fan, but, unfortunately, he is not able to spend enough time for this game. The reasons are ban of online poker in Spain and his busy football life, that’s why Gerard can’t participate in live tournaments too. Nevertheless Shakira’s husband sometimes manages to attend poker events. A few years ago, he got 3rd place in Barcelona and won about 41 000 Euros of prize money. Later he participated in the greatest EPT event. It was possible due to his disqualification in the national football team. He didn’t get into prizes in the main event, but at the HI rollers tournament (entry ticket was 10.3 thousand Euros) he was 19thwith 21000 Euro as a prize. Pique fought peer to peer with the real poker celebrities, such as Eugene Katchalov, Jason Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Ole Schemion.

Teddy Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham, a legend of Manchester United and England,began his career in poker after quittingfrom active football. He traveled around the world and played in a big number of tournaments. The biggest Teddy’s prize in a live game was 93 thousand Euros on EPT in Vilamoura. The total amount of his game winnings is about 440 000 pounds.

Francesco Totti

In 2010 Imperator signed a contract with Party Poker and became its representative in Italy. That’s how he commented it: “I had complicated situations quite often during my football career. Patience, reasonableness and belief in victory always helped me to fix them. All this is important for poker players as well. Besides that I really enjoy playing poker”. Also Francesco said that poker and sports have a many things in common. As a member of Party Poker Team Tottitook part in a World Poker Tour tournament, before that he played in a charity game that supported earthquake victims.

Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon is another Italian legend who spends part of spare time playing poker. Everything started from charity tournament and since then Gianluigi has passionately fallen in love with poker. He started to play as an unknown online player. After he won a few online tournaments, Pokerstars offered him to be a sports representative of the brand. Buffon agreed and since then plays in offline tournaments. But of course due to his busy gaming schedule, there is no much room for it. “Juventus” goalkeeper considers concentrating on poker after the end of his footballer career.


”I played poker always while playing football. Sometimes we were killing some time with partners during breaks between games or trainings. My favourite game is Texas Hold’em. Poker is just a hobby. Coaching job is an absolute priority for me. That’s why poker won’t affect my coaching activity. Shortly we’ll schedule some dates and I’ll participate in one of the offline tournaments. At the moment I practice online” – said the legendary captain of Germany.


The “phenomenon” is the official ambassador of the largest poker room Pokerstars and he officially plays in offline tournaments in the Pokerstars team in the South American market. This fact is confirmed by an official contract document. Also, he is an official face of Pokerstars brand and takes part in advertising campaigns.

Tony Cascarino

The overall amount of winnings of the famous Irish forward and chief commentator of “Party Poker” is more than 700 K pounds. His favourite game is Texas Hold’Em. Cascarino wrote autobiography where he says about his passion towards gambling. Cascarino won 168 800 pounds in the Grand finale of the British Poker tour – 2009.

It looks like poker is the smart way to gamble. Even more, sometimes it can become a successful continuation of a football career.The risky part is an addiction that can be a serious trouble for the footballer and his family!

Matchbook review

matchbook at gambleondigital is a online sportsbook with a unique concept that will work for some, but will fall short for most. The idea here is that you don’t bet against the house; instead, the house merely matches you to the bettors who want to take the opposite of what you want to bet on. The good news is it means there’s very small vig on all of their lines but the bad news is that it’s tough to always find someone to take the other side of your bet – and also for the amount you’re looking for. One of the best feature of a sportsbook (in general) is that they’re will to take the opposite of whatever team, side or total you want to play and they set the odds accordingly. You don’t get that freedom at Matchbook as this is a glorified buddy betting system and while the concept is unique, it’s entirely too limiting for day-to-day usage. Matchbook has a clean reputation and can be recommended from that regard. They did have tied to WSEX in the olden days when WSEX was a reliable, respected company but as soon as they went downhill, Matchbook severed all tied. They simply match bettors so the action is between them opposed to taking it themselves, which means they’re very secure for payouts and withdrawals. Matchbook has fairly good customer service, but you’ll rarely need them for anything. Betting at their sportsbook is more like playing Texas Hold ‘Em: you’re playing against other bettors and they don’t have anything at stake. They take their small rake and go on about their business. Since that’s the case, deposits and withdrawals are no problem. They’ll gladly pay you out when you need it because they don’t have any serious stake in the games, and therefore aren’t nearly as much as risk as a normal sportsbook, so your money is on hand (assuming Bernie Madoff isn’t running the ship). Customer service is friendly and reliable. My main experience with them was testing how patient they were explaining the website and their digital betting market, and I had a good experience there. We don’t have any complaints. Variety will likely be the deal breaker for many people considering Matchbook. We found that using this book simply limits you from too many standpoints to really have a good time betting or do it professionally. For starters, they don’t have a ton of betting categories or selections to choose from. For example, there’s no UFC betting, auto racing or exotic props. This is a strictly bread-and-butter book and it’s more like margarine and crackers here. If you’re coming from Bet365 and their pages of options, this is going to feel like a deserted town. Among the major sports, there’s a complete no-show of props. If you want game-day props for NFL Sundays, they don’t have them. And anything other than a “Who will win the championship?” prop is not likely to be here. But the bigger annoyance is with the limitsas it doesn’t give you the flexibility to bet how you want as most sportsbooks do. Also, teasers and parlays are simply not offered here. Only straight bets. The good thing about the house is that they’ll hop on the other side of any bet you take. If you want to tease, please, parlay or whatever, they’ll do it and that’s the flexibility and luxury you get from every other sportsbook on the internet. Unfortunately, Matchbook doesn’t match up in that regard.

SBObet review

One of the world’s leading Asian online gaming brand – from gamble on digital to sbobet . They offer over 500 sporting events every week, with extensive coverage of all major football leagues and international sporting events. They also provide live football updates, immediate winnings confirmation, rapid payouts, easy access and fast online betting available around the clock. Sbobet customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist in any way possible, including account enquiries, depositing or withdrawing of funds, or general betting assistance.You can contact them via live chat, e-mail, telephone and skype. They reply with speed and friendliness when dealing with their customers.Currency options available : AUD – Australian Dollar, EUR – Euro, GBP – British Pound, HKD – Hong Kong Dollar, JPY – Japanese Yen, MYR – Malaysian Ringgit, RMB – Renminbi, SGD – Singapore Dollar, THB – Thailand Baht. Deposit options available: ClickandBuy, Diners, eNETS, Envoy, Meastro, Mastercard, Skrill (Moneybookers), NETBANX, NETELLER, Telegraphic Transfer, Ukash, Visa, Visa Delta/Debit, Visa Electron, Visa/Mastercard. You can submit a funds withdrawal request to withdraw funds from your account through the payment service provider which you have utilized during your funds deposit process. You are only allowed to make one request for withdrawal funds within any one 24 hour period. Depending on the payment method used, the time taken for you to receive your withdrawal, may range from a few hours to a number of days. They offer a wide range of sports events for you to bet on. While they strive to provide an extensive coverage of all possible sports events, it should be noted that not all events will be available for betting at any point of time. You can change the type of odds used in the odds display page for certain betting markets by changing your preferences settings. The following odds types are used: European, Hong Kong, Malay and Indo. They provide also statistical information on events as references during betting. Originating from Asia, they have amazing Asian Handicap Betting odds to add for the thrill and excitement of conventional fixed odds betting, by eliminating the possibility of the draw outcome. They offer the most competitively priced odds among the major sportsbooks worldwide. Each time you place a bet, the minimum and maximum bet amount for the particular event is shown at the bottom section of your bet ticket. After registering an account to test them and write this SBOBET review, we realized that their limits are extra high for the European standards. If you would like to set a maximum limit to limit your total stakes, you can use the betting budget feature to do so. They offer an Exciting form of live betting with Asian Handicaps, that allows you to place bets on events that are ongoing at the same time when you are browsing the odds. The odds prices are dynamic with live betting and change in accordance to the course of the actual event, offering doubly the excitement as you get to monitor the event as it plays. All information shown such as current match scores, elapsed time and results, are updated in real time. Sports events offering live betting are marked by a flashing “Live” tag in the sports menu and marked by a flashing sports icon in the market menu. Live events are also highlighted in the odds display page in red background color. When placing a bet on live events, your bet is not accepted immediately once you confirm the bet. Instead, there is a slight delay during the processing of your live bet where the status of your bet is kept as “Waiting”. Auto refresh odds, Accept if better odds, Auto Process Bet are some very userul buttons to help you with your live bets. Large betting offer with big variety on sports, great Asian handicap betting odds and very good customer support, resulting to a very reliable bookmaker.

El Shaarawy leaves AC Milano, and hits France

Italian football player Stephan El Shaarawy from AC Milan passes into the top of the French team AS Monaco competition.

According to media information, the severance pay for 22-year-old striker moves in the amount of 16 million euros. “Of course I regret the departure of Milan, but the time has come to gather new experiences. Four years in AC were very important, and I learned a lot. I am very grateful to Milan,” he quoted the words of El Shaarawyho Internet portal goal.com.

El Shaarawy played last season in the jersey of AC nineteen matches.

Bet365 review

Opening an account at from gamble on digital to bet365 is easy, the usual details are required. You chose your own username and password, and you are then allocated a customer number for use with the telephone betting. Both accounts feed off the same funds, which is something I like. The usual preferences are asked for, for example, what format you want odds displayed in. Deposits can be with Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, bank wire, western union, Neteller and Firepay. Registering a card is easy, but only one card can be registered at any one time, to change this requires a phone call to customer service. Various currencies are offered, making their claim of having customers in 120 countries believable! Withdrawals for myself are back onto the Visa card registered which is a feature I like with the bookies I deal with, however, if you are changing your deposit/withdrawal method then all funds have to be withdrawn onto the original card then start again. Bet365 is not the fastest site to navigate, nor the easiest when first logging in. It uses a selection of sports on the left hand side, click to select your chosen sport, and then there is an array of ways to get to the bet you want, from using the drop-down boxes, or clicking on the particular event you want. It is something to get used to, and sometimes takes a bit of time to find the particular bet you want, especially in soccer where there are lots of different markets (see later). The drop-down boxes are quite frustrating, however, if you use bet365 a lot you will soon become familiar with the strange navigation. To get the full market on a certain match, point the cursor over the game, click and they appear. Design is simple, text easy to read, colours green, white and red. The homepage has a digital list of sports on offer, and also a top 10 of the most heavily bet choices, trying to get you to bet more on the short price odds-on bets! Lots of images, flash, actually quite heavy site. A simple procedure, which has been much improved in recent years. Click on a bet, and it ends up in a basket in the top right,and you can shop for furtherbets if you like. Easy to chose multiple/system bets. Very good. All in English. Chose between decimal, dividend or American. All of the site is available before logging in. Customer service is very helpful, as are the telephone-betting operators. Both these are 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, a useful dropdown guide gives you the appropriate telephone numbers to use from your country. Very good, would have been 9/10 if offering other languages. The site is a part of the bet365 Group Limited that owns the Provincial bet365 chain of Licensed betting offices in the UK and is affiliated to the Backhouse bet365 chain of Licensed betting offices. They have exclusive sites at all English cricket grounds, some football grounds and the usual horse and greyhound racing venues. They can be found with advertising hoardings at televised English football games and are affiliated to IBAS (Independent Betting Arbitration Service) and agrees to abide by its decision on any dispute that may not be resolved to your satisfaction. Payouts have always been quick and customer service good Regarding digital odds, mostly similar to other bookies for the majority of main bets, H/D/A, but in other sports, particularly tennis, they often have very good odds, usually cut quickly though. Where bet365 excel are the markets on offer, very often unavailable elsewhere. All major football leagues, with win/draw/win, but other markets for football matches are numerous, especially the English premiership. As well as over/unders, correct scores, first/last goalscorer, first goalscorer combined with correct score, as well as a host of novelty bets. Want to bet on a team missing a penalty? You should be able to find it at bet365. Live games offer in-running possibilities, as well as the H/D/A other markets are offered, such as next goalscorer. For the football punter, there is surely the bet you want here! Other sports offered appear numerous, from bowls to ice hockey to winter sports. I particularly rate the tennis service, all tournaments are offered, not just the big events. American sports are also well represented, I assume a large part of the overseas users are from North America judging by the number of markets on offer.
at gambleondigital

Parimatch review

Pari-Match started in 1996 and today has offices in Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia. Online bet on Sports, Casino, Live Betting, Poker and Games. After more than 15 years had elapsed, this small betting company has transformed into an international gaming network of more than 500 business units. The website can be viewed in 6 languages. Pari-Match offers a variety of bonuses whether you like Sports Betting, Casino or Poker. You can trust them pretty much as any other bookmaker I have listed in here. Parimatch is fully licensed by the Government of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles to conduct online gaming operations. And they are online I think since year 2000. As one of the leaders in the gambling business, Parimatch strives for continuous and proactive improvement of technologies of providing services, increasing the number of daily sporting events, expanding the list of leagues and championships, as well as games and entertainments. More than 20 sports and 50 countries, 200 leagues and 500 sporting events every day, on which you can make a bet.Perhaps only one downside of this bookie is, that they do not have higher limits for bets. In order to receive bonus new users can make a deposit with the help of any method you wish including Skrill. Make your first deposit of at least $10 to receive the bonus. Customer service replies fast and should help you with any case imaginable. But they do have various bets like Asian handicap, Draw No Bet, Over/Under, Halftime, Second Half, Win in 1 goal, Goals: To Score, Correct score and more. They do have a promo at this moment. Just bet and they will make an average of the sum you have bet once you place 100 bets, then they will credit you this amount on your 101st bet. More detailed rules are on their promotions website. Also, good thing is, that they do not ban countries like “premium” bookmakers usually do these days.

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